Frequently Asked Questions

Buy Here Pay Here Program


Do you need to have full coverage insurance on the vehicle you purchase?

Yes, you will need to have full coverage insurance on the vehicle until it is paid in full. Your deductibles must be set at a maximum $500 for Comprehensive and Collision. Good To U Auto Center must be listed as the lienholder.

Do you need to have good credit to buy a car through this program?

No, if you decide to go with our BHPH program, we will not check your credit score.

What will I need when I pick up the vehicle if I am doing in-house financing/buy here pay here?



If I put a deposit down on a car for sale, is it refundable if I change my mind or want to cancel the purchase?

No, your deposit is nonrefundable. We encourage our customers to make sure they are certain about the purchase before they put a deposit down.

Does Good To U sell their rental vehicles?
Yes, we do. If you have an interest in a certain vehicle, contact us about prices.